Why do I do This to Myself?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a short conversation with this guy while I was on my walk this morning. It may have looked like I might have been lost, so he was kind enough to ask if I needed help finding my way. I think he was planning on showing me a new route. I told me that I was fine. He bought it. I went on my way, and he continued to enjoy the morning sun. It’s rather nice in the desert–especially this time of year.

Last night I tried my hand at taking a video while sitting inside the protection of my home on wheels. Sand Mountain moves–a lot. Every evening I’ve witnessed the sands shifting from one place to another. There’s even a fence here (a four wire fence) that was erected a few years ago that is now almost completely buried. I can step over it in places.

Check out this video Moving Sands of Sand Mountainand then tell me you’d like to get out there and play while nature is trying to bury you, and make you part of the “sands of time,” permanently. I elected to stay inside and watch from afar. I was out in it the other day. I think if a person were to live in the shadow of this mountain long enough you could be sand blasted quite nicely and maybe even painted a different color–burnt red from the scorching sun.

Here’s a short video I took the other day when the sands were 3moving in a different direction. You’ll have to look closely because they’re coming right at you. I promise to get better with this video stuff. It’s rather challenging. I might have to break down and procure a real video camera one of these days.

I’ve uploaded a few photos I’ve taken while I’ve been here. I posted them on my Facebook page until I can get around to creating a page here for the photos. I was also thinking about creating a videos page for this blog, however I think it would be just as easy to visit my YouTube channel to see what I come up with. Right now there’s not much there, but I’m hoping they’ll breed and multiply.

I have decided to move tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t care for this place, but I really would like to be elsewhere before the crowd starts moving in again. There’s a spot about 30 miles down the road that seems rather inviting. I will be able to take care of a few things while there–like grocery shopping. I sure seem to eat a lot. I hope I’m not going through a growing spurt.

I’ve going to leave you with a view that many won’t care for, but I rather enjoy it:

P5074129_Fotor.jpgDon’t you see the attraction? Get as loud as you want, because the neighbors don’t care.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.