What was I Thinking?

I’m on the road. I’ve decided to travel again. This time, though, will be different. I have no timetable, no destination, and no plans. When I stop I’ll be stopping for longer periods of time, and most times without hookups. I might have said something along those lines last time, too.

But, in the past I’ve always known that, somewhere down the road, I’d settle down for a few months and get a job, then move on. Not now. I’ve got a couple of stories to write. You know, not long ago someone asked me why I write the story if I don’t make any money at it. I don’t think they understood that writing a story is for my benefit, and as an afterthought, the reader’s.

I’ve strayed from the topic.

What was I thinking?

Three days ago I left this:


Yesterday I arrived here:


I’m going to attempt to provide some sort of update every couple of days. I did pretty good the last time I took on a task of this magnitude. But, I was younger then. Not by much, but younger nonetheless.

Okay, here’s today’s update. I left the California Delta region three days ago. I’ve wound up at a place called Sand Mountain, about 25 miles east of Fallon, NV. I’ve visited here before, but only for a short time. This time around I’m going to live on the sand for seven days. It should give me some time to try out my new solar cookerSunFlair (I’ll be taking boneless ribs out of that thing in about two hours), and doing a product review after I’ve prepared a few dishes.

I’ve got these new solar panels I can’t wait to try out. I think tomorrow or the next day might be a good time set them up. By then the battery I’ve got to keep the electronics charged might be low on juice.

My freshwater is my greatest concern. I don’t know why it’s bothering me, but for once it is. There is no water here. You live off what you bring with you. I’ve only got 105 gallons. In the past, it’s always lasted me longer than a week. Why would this time be any different? I should concern myself with other things. I’ll give that thought consideration tomorrow. I don’t want to overtax myself today.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m in the process of redesigning this blog. I don’t have a plan. I probably should. Things would go much smoother if I did. But, I’m tired of planning. When something strikes my fancy I’m going to try it out. This should make for some interesting developments. It will be kind of like my travels—wandering.

I’m also going to try to learn video editing. I’ve never done much of that. I read somewhere that a guy produced a full length film that was taken entirely on an iPhone. I’m going to give that a try. Not the full length film thing, but the cellphone. Motorola, not iPhone. I might (probably?) even use my aging digital camera from time to time.

I will direct more thoughts your way tomorrow. I’ve got to prepare a few things to go with those ribs screaming for my attention.

Good night, Mrs. Jackson, wherever you are.