Saving Made Easy

Image result for money sign A couple of years ago I read an article on saving money. I thought it might help me put, and keep, more money in the bank. Saving is a mindset. It seems to be a set part of my mind that is missing.

Anyway, part of that article mentioned little ways to save money that would not drastically impact your daily life, nor would you miss the small amounts of cash that fell from your pocket, only to be squirrelled away for use at a later date. The saving method that intrigued me the most is the idea of saving all the $5.00 bills that seem to find their way into my pocket. I didn’t realize how many of them come my way until I began not spending them.

I thought about how best I would save these green pieces of paper that prominently display a photo of our 16th president. Several ideas came to mind. I began to design in my head elaborate containers to hold my precious savings. I thought I might visit a craft store and purchase materials to make my own container, or even find one on a shelf somewhere. But, I reconsidered that idea quickly. Why should I spend money to own a container to save money in? There had to be something close at hand I could use for a purpose it was not initially intended for.

I believe in recycling, so, instead, I thought up ideas on how to use items readily at my disposal. Each one, though, I quickly discarded. Not only did I contemplate how best to use the containers, but I found ways to break into them. There was the coffee can, the Amazon box so neatly taped shut, my sock drawer, and an old jewelry box that no longer held trinkets worth having.

One night while watching a movie I squeezed the last glass of wine from a bottle that begged not to be thrown away. I realized then I held in my hand a device that I would not be able to break into without destroying. The perfect bank for those photos of Abe I so desperately desired to hang onto.

I’ve been shoving money into that bottle for 14 months, and still there is room for more. There have been weeks when nothing has gone into that tall, dark bottle. But, there have been an equal number of weeks when 5-10 $5.00 bills have been forced down the neck of that container. I use a handle of wooden spoon to push them as deep as I can into the bottle. I intend to keep shoving money into it until it cannot hold another piece of paper.

I’m going to hide as much money as I can from myself before I am forced to shatter the bank in order to spend the cash. By then I’ll have a well thought out plan. I do not want to waste the opportunity to give my cash to some large conglomerate that does not need the money I have been depriving myself of. No, I want to do that in a meaningful manner. Unless I drop it, bottle and all, into the black kettle outside the post office at Christmastime. There’s another idea I am going to add to the growing number of ideas flowing through my mind each time I shove another $5.00 into the bottle I keep hidden from myself.