’37’ Club

I have posted the rules to a club that Pinky Anderson, at one time, was a member of. I just thought you might like to get in on a little of the fun.

If you don’t fancy fantasy sports much, but are still fan of the sport of professional football, and would like to add some excitement to your viewing pleasure, I, and Pinky, have here an alternative for you. This club allows you to root for your favorite team to kick the crap out of their opponent each week without jeopardizing the chosen “team” you have picked for yourself.

Depending on where you reside, and what sport, or league, you wish to follow, you may have to alter these rules a bit. Say for instance you reside in a place that does not have legalized gambling. Just toss the monies that would go to a gambling establishment into the party pool, and plan to have a much larger Super Bowl party.

You can even make it fit to any sport you so desire. If, for instance, you are going to follow basketball, you will have to change the number of points scored each game. I think you get the picture. Baseball would create an opportunity for you to drastically alter the rules of the club, but you could still stay within the framework of enjoying the fellowship of like minded individuals following a sport without work, and still adding a little “spice” here and there.

Without further adieu, I give you the ’37’ Club.

The ’37’ Club is a loosely knit group of people with two things in common—the appreciation of a good football game, and the excitement of a small wager placed on the outcome of that game.

  1. The maximum number of members of the ’37’ Club will not exceed the number of teams in the National Football League.
  2. At no time will a member be added to the club after the final gun of the final game of the third week of regular season play.
  3. Anyone added to the club after the first game of the season will be responsible for dues back to the first week of the season.
  4. Dues will be collected from each member on a weekly basis, not to exceed the number of weeks of official regular season games played by the National Football League.
  5. If, at anytime, a member falls three weeks and one day behind in paying his/her dues, they will no longer be considered a member of the club, and will not be allowed to rejoin the club until the next season, if at all. All dues paid to the club at that time will be forfeited.
  6. Weekly dues will be levied upon each member of the club at the rate of $5.00 per week, due prior to noon (Pacific Time) on the Thursday before each and every Sunday of regular season play. Dues can be paid in advance.
  7. All monies will be deposited with the Secretary/Treasurer of the club.
  8. Member dues will be dispersed in the following manner:
    • One fifth (1/5) of each member’s weekly dues will be deposited in the 37 Point Pool.
    • One fifth (1/5) of each member’s weekly dues will be deposited in the Monday Night Game Pool.
    • One fifth (1/5) of each member’s weekly dues will be deposited in the Super Bowl Bet Pool.
    • Two fifths (2/5) of each member’s weekly dues will be deposited in the Super Bowl Party Fund.
  1. All monies not won each week will be carried over in the respective pools until such time as a winner is declared, or until regular season play ends.
  2. At season’s end any monies remaining in all pools will be added to the Super Bowl Bet Pool.
  3. The outcome of any questionable issue, and/or the determination of the Super Bowl Bet Pool will be decided by a vote of current dues paying members.
  4. Each member will be allowed one vote.
  5. All voting will be decided by a majority of those members present at the time of the vote.
  6. 50% of the membership, plus one, must be present for any voting to be official.
  7. Unless otherwise specified, all ties will be decided by a flip of a coin—heads for, tails against.


Secretary/Treasurer: The only official position in the club. This position can be held by any member of the club, and will be decided upon by a majority vote of all league members prior to the final exhibition game of the National Football League.

’37’ Point Pool: Prior to each Monday Night Football game every dues paying member of this club will be issued a team of the National Football League, whether that team is playing that week or not. This will be done by a random draw, with at least one fifth (1/5) of dues paying members present. Any member whose “team” scores 37 points during that week of play will be considered the winner of the ’37’ Point Pool, and will be awarded all accumulated monies in the pool. If there is more than one winner, the monies will be divided evenly.

Monday Night Game Pool: Prior to the first game of the regular season each member of the club will be assigned a square of his/her choice in a 10X10 matrix. These positions will not change over the course of the season. Prior to each Monday Night NFL game the outside numbers of the matrix will be assigned by random draw. The home team will always be assigned the horizontal position on the matrix. If there is more than one game played on a Monday night, the monies will be divided equally between all of the games. The final score of the game will be recorded, the last digit of the final score of the game (furthest to the right) of each team will correspond to the numbers assigned to each side of the matrix. The points will be plotted, and the member whose name occupies the square at the intersecting point will be awarded the monies in the pool.

Super Bowl Bet Pool: In an effort to “liven up the party,” this pool has been designed so that the members of the club will, hopefully, have a wager on the Super Bowl. This collection of monies will be used to wager on the Super Bowl. However, all, or portions, of this pool can be wagered on the playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl. Any winnings from those wagers will be added back into the pool, thus, hopefully, increasing the monies available for the wager on the Super Bowl. Any wagers will be determined by a majority vote of all members of the club. With the exception of the Super Bowl, any ties will negate that particular wager. All votes will be recorded in writing, to include the name of the member and the way they voted, and held by the Secretary/Treasurer. All wagers will be posted at a legitimate Nevada casino, and will be carried there by two or more club members. If there is still money in this fund at the final gun of the Super Bowl, said monies will be distributed evenly between all members, unless, with 100% agreement, they should be distributed otherwise. The Super Bowl wager will be a straight up wager for the winner.

Super Bowl Party Fund: A collection of money that the club utilizes to fund a private party for club members on the day of the Super Bowl. Each member will be entitled to two tickets to this event. Any additional tickets will be sold to members at a price determined by the majority of all members.