Johnnie Did It

“Who got into my lotion?”

“Nanny, Johnnie did it.”

“Alice, Johnnie’s outside. He didn’t get into my lotion.”

“Yes. He did. He ran into the bathroom real quick and then ran back outside.”

Little Alice was a curious little girl, with a vivid imagination. When no one was looking she was into everything. She was always looking for something new, and her grandmother’s house was full of things she loved to touch, play with, and eat.

“What am I going to do with you, Alice? I’ve told you many times that you don’t touch my things.”

“But, Nanny, Johnnie did it.”

Alice spent most days at her grandmother’s house while her parents worked. She loved spending time with her Nanny. Johnnie lived at Nanny’s house. He, too, was young and curious. Alice and Johnnie were best of friends, and, together, they were always into something.

One day Alice woke early from her nap. Her Nanny was outside watering the flowers, and Alice took the opportunity to play with the things on the dresser. When she heard her grandmother come in the back door Alice jumped back into bed and pretended she was asleep.

Nanny peaked in on Alice, and seeing she was asleep walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. She sat down at the table to enjoy a few moments of quiet time.

Alice tiptoed out of the bedroom and snuck up behind her grandmother. “Boo.”

Nanny acted surprised. “Oh. You scared me.” She grabbed Alice and hugged her. “Alice, have you been in my perfume?”

“No, Nanny. Johnnie did it.”

“Alice, Johnnie was outside with me.”

“Nanny, he snuck into your bedroom and got on top of your dresser. He woke me up, too.”

“Oh, Alice. Johnnie didn’t do that. I think a little girl was into the things on my dresser. What have I told you about touching things that don’t belong to you?”

“Nanny, Johnnie really did do it.”

“Oh, Alice.”

The next day Nanny was in the kitchen making lunch while Alice was drawing pictures on her chalkboard. When Nanny walked into the living room to tell Alice that lunch was ready she saw that someone had drawn pictures on the wall. “Alice, did you draw those pictures on the wall?”

“Nanny, Johnnie did it.”

“Johnnie is asleep in his crate. Young lady, I think right after lunch you are going to have to scrub those pictures off the wall, and then it’s time out for you.”

Young Alice began to cry. “But, Nanny, Johnnie did it. He was a bad dog.”

“Alice, it’s time for you to stop telling stories. Johnnie can’t draw, but I know a little girl who does. Now sit down at the table and eat your lunch.”

Nanny was always baking something. Her house smelled like fresh bread, apple pie, or cookies. She baked so much that she was always sending something home with Alice when her parents came to pick her up, or shared the fresh made goods with the neighbors. Alice loved her grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies more than anything.

One day young Alice was helping Nanny mix up the batter for chocolate chip cookies. Johnnie wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, so he sat in the doorway and watched.

“Nanny, can I have a cookie?”

“Alice, you’ve been a good girl, so as soon as the cookies are out of the oven and have cooled, you can sit down with a glass of milk and eat a couple of these cookies while they’re still warm.”

Alice licked her lips, and with a smile on her face, she joyfully said, “Yum, yum. I loooovvvve your chocolate chip cookies. Johnnie likes them, too. Can he have one? He’s been a good dog”

“No, Alice. People food isn’t good for dogs. I’ll give him a dog treat while you eat your cookies. Go wash up.”

Alice jumped down from the small stool she was standing on next to her grandmother, and ran into the bathroom to wash her hands. Johnnie followed the little girl down the hall. He followed Alice almost everywhere. They were the best of friends.

When Alice ran back into the kitchen Nanny was just taking the cookies out of the oven. She skidded to a stop in the middle of the floor and watched. Johnnie sat in the doorway.

The doorbell rang. “Alice, you keep a watch on these cookies, and don’t touch them. They’re too hot and will burn you. I’ll go see who’s at the door.”

“Okay, Nanny.” Young Alice knew the cookies were hot and that they’d burn her. She pulled her stool over to the counter where the cookies were cooling. She stepped onto the stool and stood there, with wide eyes, watching those wonderful chocolate chip cookies cool. She blew on them to try to speed up the cooling process.

Nanny answered the front door and stood a couple of minutes talking with the UPS man who was delivering an Amazon package. The box contained a birthday present for Alice who was going to be four years old the next month. Grandmother and child were both looking forward to the day. There was going to be a small party with family and friends, and cake. Chocolate cake.

While Nanny was gone, and Alice was watching the cookies cool, Johnnie ran into the kitchen and grabbed two of the warm cookies and ran out. He hid in the corner and quickly ate the delicious chocolate chip cookies. Alice was taken by surprise and almost fell off the stool when Johnnie grabbed the cookies.

After placing the package of the table, Nanny walked into the kitchen. “Alice, what did I tell you about not touching those cookies?”

“Nanny, Johnnie did it.”

“Young lady, Johnnie did not eat those cookies. He’s not even in the kitchen. As punishment you’re not going to get any today. I think it’s time for your nap. Now, off to bed you go.”

Alice began to cry. “But, Nanny, Johnnie really did do it.”

“Alice. Enough. Bed.”