The Lesser of Two Evils

Every Presidential election, I go on record as saying that we are voting for the lesser of two evils. There is no way of knowing whether I’m right or not, because we can never judge the loser in the role of the winner. With my disdain for politicians I, thought, maybe no one else does, but, I do, believe I’m correct in my assumption that the candidates that our two political parties march in front of us every four years are striving to see who can be the best of the worst.

Well, this year I might be proven correct in my prediction. If the current presumptive candidates are thrust into the winner’s circle at their respective conventions, then we will be voting for the lesser of the two evils. Hillary Clinton? As far as the current polls are concerned, we could have done better. Donal Trump? I’m not even going there. All you have to do is read, or listen to, the news.

You see, since the time that semi-accurate polls have been kept (40 or 50 years, or so?) if it weren’t for Donald Trump, than Hillary Clinton would have the lowest favorability rating of the times. With that in mind, if these two are on the ballot on the first Tuesday in November, then we will truly be voting for the lesser of two, not really evil, but, definitely bad selections. Scary to think what will happen with either of these candidates holding the high office of this country until 2020, maybe even 2024.

You know what’s even scarier? I think it is, and most of the voting public agrees with this assessment right now, that the candidate with the lesser of the approval ratings at this time of year has, in the recent past, won the election. President Trump. It has a, I’m not sure what to call it, clang to it, doesn’t it? Hillary rhymes with pillory. The device went out of fashion decades, if not centuries, ago, and to bring that sort of public abuse back is, well….

Okay, I’ve done enough bitching about the election process we are going to be subjected to over the next six months, culminating with fewer than 50% of the eligible voters actually casting their vote on the first Tuesday in November. Enough today, that is. I’ve still got a 135 days, or so, maybe a couple more, to contemplate what our decision will do to this country. Is there really a decision to be made? Yeah. It’s called voting for the lesser of two evils.

Meanwhile, know that I am still holding fast to my prediction. Of the politicians currently vying to represent their parties in November, none of them will be sworn in as President come January.