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For the past year we’ve been held hostage by the campaign to find out who is going to represent the major political parties in the upcoming Presidential election, which, by the way, is still 5 1/2 months down the road. If you are like me, you’ve already grown tired of all the political posturing, ads, and smear tactics employed by each of the candidates. The list has been whittled down considerably. What started out as a a mass of bodies campaigning for the position of leading the most powerful nation in the world has slowly, and agonizingly, been reduced to three—one Republican and two Democrats.

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion, at least in the eyes of the media, that Donald Trump will represent the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton will represent the Democrats on the first Tuesday in November when we, as a nation, go to the polls to elect our leader. One of them is forecast to become the next President of the United States. After all the political posturing over the past year, we, as a country, will finally find out who will sit in the Oval Office for the next four years, and the comedy that has played out in the news around the world will finally come to an end.

What I see happening is that the public will become disillusioned with each of the candidates. One is a megalomaniac who relies on media ratings and cares less about the polls and the people. He has been pushed to the front of the class by the news organizations who continue to put his face front and center each and every day. What began as a public interest story, where a man with no political background is laughingly being portrayed as a long shot to overtake a crowded field of career politicians, is now front page news where there is a fear that this candidate might actually win, not only the nomination, but become the next President.

On the other side of the isle there is the candidate who has lost, if she ever had it, the trust of the voting public. Her face has been front and center for decades, and during all these years she’s done very little to gain the confidence and trust of the middle class, and, most specifically, the poorer class of American citizens. Oh, and you can’t forget about the Democratic socialist who appeals to the younger generation, but has trouble convincing the older voters that Democratic socialism is not communism.

So, I’m going to go out of a limb here and make a bold statement: The person that will be elected to the position of President of the United States this November is not currently in the running. Something is going to happen that will change the face of the election as it is being currently played out. Will this occur before or after the conventions? I don’t know, but it will occur.

I see one, probably not both, of the current front running candidates dropping off, or being forced off, of the campaign trail for an issue that will damage their standing with their followers. This shocking event will force their party to scramble for a replacement. Due to the issues surrounding the remaining candidate seeking election, the new “face of the party” will appeal to the voters to the point that they will be elected without the months and months on the campaign trail that has become the norm in today’s election process. I won’t say they will win the election in a landslide, but you can be sure that it will be a convincing victory that will be popular with the nation, and the world.

Who is this ghost of a candidate that will take the oath of office next January and begin an eight year reign as a popular, and effective, President of this great country? The next 5 1/2 months will tell. Until then enjoy the sitcom as it is broadcast daily by news organizations around the world.

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