May 9, 2021

You’ve just been given a gift that has rocked your world to the very core of your existence. Not everyone has been given this gift. You are the special one. You, and you alone, are now in possession of knowledge that no one else has. What comes next is entirely up to you.

May 9, 2021 is a special day for you. An event will occur on that day, at a specific time, that will be life changing. But, you are not the only one affected by this event. It will, also, have meaning to your friends and family. You see, at 4:36 p.m. on May 9, 2021 your life will be taken from you. You are going to die.

My questions to you are, “What are you going to do with this knowledge? Are you going to sit around and wait for your final day and time to arrive? Or, will you embrace each and every moment you have left? Are you going to live life—what life that remains in you—to its fullest?”

As we get older, so many of us tend to focus on the end. We know that our days are numbered. We just don’t know how many numbers we have left. We continue to live life as we always have—just a bit slower. We don’t do much of anything special. Oh, sure, we might take a few more vacations than we did when we were younger. We have time and money for that now that we’ve retired. Or, we hope we do. We might spend more time with family and friends. We have time for that now that work does not intrude upon our days. Or, at least, we hope work is not an issue. Some of us have those options. Some of us don’t. Some of us continue to save and plan for our future. Some of us don’t. Some of us live as though our future is already upon us. Some of us don’t.

Think about what it would be like to know when your time on this earth will end. There is so much you want to do before you die. Knowing that the end is near, will you have time to do everything you want to do? My guess is that the answer is no. There are all those dreams you have that you’ve not yet seen come true. There probably are not enough days left to accomplish many of them. So, which dreams do you reach for? Do you make a list, or do you just grab one and go?

Are there people in your life you’d like to share your love with? Are there those you’d like to forgive? How about the ones you’ve lost touch with? Do you have time to reconnect with them? Don’t think about these things. Just do it. Pick up the phone and make that call. Jump on a plane, or a train, or just get behind the wheel of your automobile and make that journey. What are you waiting for? You don’t have many days left.

Right about now you’re probably thinking that I’ve pretty much latched onto a morbid topic to write about. I’d have to argue that point with you. The end of life is not morbid by any means. It’s an eventuality for all of us. It’s a topic that we don’t like to think about, much less talk about. But, it’s going to happen. Eventually, we all die. But, we don’t have to die with regrets of unfinished business.

There are many people that live as I do. Some are older and some are younger. We all have one thing in common, though. We may not know when our end will come, but it will come much sooner than we think, so we live our lives as though the end is tomorrow. We live in the moment and enjoy every minute of life we are allowed.

We all have dreams—things we’d like to do in our lives. Why not reach for the stars and realize a few of those dreams now? There’s no reason to wait. If you can’t afford that big dream you have, then accomplish the little one first while preparing for your next one. Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Go out there and make them happen.

When I was 12 years old I had four dreams I wanted to accomplish in my life. They were very important to me. I wanted to deal blackjack in Reno. I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to own a large cattle ranch. And, I wanted to travel. Don’t ask me why I had these particular dreams. Just know that I did. Every child has dreams of what their future may hold. Some children realize their dreams. Many of them do not. As I got older, the dreams of my youth became less and less important to me, but there was one that I never let go of. I wanted to travel. Even as I grew into manhood that dream never left me. So, I now travel.

What of my other dreams? When I was much younger I dealt blackjack in Reno. It wasn’t near as enjoyable as working the craps table, but I dealt blackjack. What about becoming an attorney or owning a cattle ranch? Well, I suppose life got in the way. Those two dreams just didn’t seem important enough to hang onto and they fell by the wayside. They were replaced by others. There was no replacing the travel bug, though. It stayed with me for years. It’s still there, too.

How about your dreams? How many of them can you say you’ve accomplished? It’s never too late to begin. May 9, 2021 is just around the corner. You don’t have long. Get out there and just do it. As my Grandmother used to say, “Don’t live in the past, nor look to the future, but live each day building for tomorrow.”